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"Eye-opening. Opening your vision and seeing the overall aspect. Not just a small piece, but the bigger picture. Very eye-opening!  Shows how to change your perspective. The speaker was amazing."

"I felt as if Mr. LeMons was speaking to what is currently going on in my life! So many things came up inside me. We make so many excuses for our own mistakes and he put everything into perspective. Now I know what I need to do to reach my goals. I would be interested in attending more workshops like this. Thank you."

 It reminded me that I am worth something. The workshop gave me hope again and I want to become someone. Not for anyone, but for myself.

"Before I came to the workshop, I felt doubt as to if I wasn’t going anywhere in life, and I am 50.         I  was concerned, so I felt confused. But I confronted my reality and now feel as though I have a new lease on life. Thank you.

"This workshop should be implemented in high school and middle schools too. It should be implemented at retreats and on the job. This is ESSENTIAL INFORMATION! AWESOME JOB,     MR. LE MONS."

"This workshop presentation is like a palette cleanser for changing one's mindset. Thank you for your words."


The Easy Way Out

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