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"There is nothing more powerful than a fiercely and passionately focused individual
who has  a dream."  
Steven LeMons

Journeys Magazine©
Journeys Magazine is a publication of The Journey Workshop Experience. Through Journeys Magazine, students could explore content from workshop attendees and achievers who have navigated the harsh waters of adversity to achieve their goals. Journeys Magazine inspires students to become more motivated to embrace their challenges and move beyond their current state to achieve their personal best.
The Journey Guidebook©
Journey Guidebook Cover-2.jpg
A self-help guide and workshop companion for sustaining growth and achievement. The Journey Guidebook© is the follow-up resource to The Journey Workshop Experience©. The success strategies and easy-to-follow instructions inside guide participants and their accountability partner through a step-by-step approach to goal setting. Participants gain the confidence and clarity to bring their dreams closer to reality.

Marketing for The Journey Workshop Experience 
totally turnkey. Posters, flyers, and banners can easily be created for you from our templates.

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Posters & flyers and event materials

The Magazine & Guidebook

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