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A powerful self-help tool for sustaining positive growth and goal achievement. The Journey Guidebook© is the perfect complement and follow-up companion to The Journey workshop. It's real-world success strategies and easy to follow instructions guide participants and their accountability partner through a step-by-step approach to goal setting. Upon completion, participants gain the necessary confidence and clarity to bring their realistic dreams closer to reality.
"There is nothing  more powerful than an inspired spirit that is fiercely and passionately focused 
toward a dream."
Steven LeMons
Achieving dreams require being equipped with tools and techniques that empower, increase productivity, and provide real-world solutions.
The Journey Guidebook©
Journeys Magazine©
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Journeys Magazine© is the official publication of The Journey workshop. Through Journeys Magazine, students can read exciting content from workshop attendees and other high-achievers who navigate the harsh waters of adversity to achieve their goals. Upon reading Journeys Magazine, you will become more motivated to embrace your challenges and move beyond mediocre standards to achieve your personal best.

The Journey is totally turnkey.

We do most of the work for you.

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