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About The Journey Workshop Experience©

Let's face it, the American Dream as we once knew it has been redefined. The question is, are your students prepared for it? In this new place, essential to helping underprepared students get focused, is also helping them reset their attitude toward attaining success. Embracing a new mindset when navigating life's challenges in this post-pandemic landscape is crucial.


Students trapped in generational poverty, without ancestors who can pass down any intellectual, social, or financial capital needed for success, often consider their dream of graduating from college is dead before it materializes. Steven LeMons, the creator of The Journey Workshop Experience©, uses this incredible workshop platform to shatter deep rooted perspectives and non-productive thinking habits. He delivers invaluable strategies and inspiring content that empowers and turns negative thinkers and self-defeaters into attainable goal achievers.


The Journey Workshop Experience addresses root causes, meets students at their points of need, and builds pathways that strengthen critical thinking skills so they can focus on their achievement rather than their defeats. When students break free from unproductive habits and cycles of underachievement and uncover a passion to succeed, they take relentless action in ways they previously could not have imagined.

From Circle to Success

What are students saying about The Journey Workshop Experience?

Testimonial 5A.jpg

“I came from a family of dysfunction, fighting, and turmoil. I had different family members tell me that I couldn’t make it and that I didn’t belong. I am raising six children on my own. It's hard, but, no matter who you are or what you’ve been through, you can get out of it. Thank you so much for everything. You have no idea how your words and visuals from The Journey Workshop Experience, have stuck with me in my darkest hours. You are greatly appreciated, and I'll never forget you!  Again thanks.” 

A. Smith

Testimonial 10.jpg

“I just finished The Journey Workshop Experience. One thing I really learned from this workshop is vision, success, and taking advantage of opportunities. Often times, I fail at opportunities because I feel that I won’t be successful, but Steven says to take advantage of those opportunities, even if you make mistakes, keep on moving because that’s what the journey is about. So, for those who haven’t attended The Journey, you have to come. It’s  life-changing.”

J. Royal


“I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, and I am a non-traditional student. I didn’t quite have a vision for myself. One thing I have learned is that, many times, others can see things inside you that you can’t. If you will only take half the time as I did to listen to Mr. LeMons’ The Journey Workshop Experience, you will understand and learn things about yourself too that you didn’t know.  I believe I have found my vision, through this particular journey.”

R. Day


“I am very glad that I attended, because I was thinking about giving up. But as I sat there and listened to Mr. LeMons, I was encouraged and realized why I am here. So, as I was sitting there, I wrote something that says, “If I survive through all my failure, then I am a success at surviving, and nothing can stop me from succeeding successfully.” 

R. Woodard


“ I really did not want to attend, but he had me engaged throughout the entire thing. From the music to everything he shared and went through. He even has a step-by-step plan….a whole journal that you can just follow. I definitely recommend it to anyone.”

 E. Palacio

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