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Why The Journey?

Here are a few good reasons why your students should be  attending The Journey Workshop©:

  • The Journey Workshop© offers a powerful interactive platform for engaging underprepared and first-time-in-college students by targeting root causes and life challenges that hinder success. It exposes self-destructive thoughts and actions that perpetuate self-doubt, undefined goals, and minimal academic outcomes.

  • The Journey Workshop's content challenges mindsets, attitudes, and outdated perspectives that diminish cognitive thinking skills. It inspires confidence, mental endurance, an I-can-do-it attitude, and academic resilience. 

  • The Journey Workshop© provides students with real-world applications for breaking free from negative influences and unproductive cycles perpetuating  self-destructive habits that keep them from achieving goals with exercises addresses root causes by meeting participants at their points of need. Sharpens critical thinking and decision-making skills. Students can then experience goal achievement that leads to personal excellence.

  • The Journey Workshop© helps redirect negative thinking and self-defeating habits. These problems cripple relationship building and retard marketable workplace skills that are essential for building stability and job advancement.

  • The Journey Workshop© and The Journey Guidebook© arms students with strategies for setting short and long-term goals that help them in both the classroom and throughout life.



Be a catalyst for change in someone's life. It's your choice.

Schedule The Journey for your students today. 

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