Why The Journey?

Here are a few good reasons for attending The Journey Workshop©:


  • The Journey can be aligned with any academic strategic plan or initiative and used as a high impact non-traditional interactive intervention tool to assist struggling students.

  • The Journey is empowering. It offers real-world information that takes participants beyond their comfort zones to provide a solid foundation for their academic success. Its interactive exercises and guided discovery techniques equip students for breaking free from debilitating habits and mindsets that limit their potential and performance.

  • The Journey addresses root causes by meeting participants at their points of need. It strengthens non-cognitive and critical thinking skills and as a result, students can experience the self-empowerment needed to focus on their goals and personal excellence.

  • The Journey engages underprepared students with stimulating content that redirects negative thinking and self-defeating habits. These problems cripple relationship building and retard marketable workplace skills that are essential for building stability and job advancement.

  • The Journey and The Journey Guidebook© delivers content that informs, inspires, and arm students with useful strategies for setting both short and long-term goals.



Be a catalyst for change in someone's life. It's your choice.

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