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The Journey Workshop© creates a powerful interactive platform for engaging underprepared and first-time-in-college students by targeting and exposing root causes and life challenges  that keep them trapped in unsuccessful patterns and perpetual states of self-doubt and low academic




The Journey Workshop© 

perpetuates confidence, mental endurance, an I-can-do-it attitude, and academic resilience. Each session equips students with necessary strategies for managing and ultimately beating self-defeating habits  that hold them back in the classroom and in life.


Students struggling personally, financially, and academically, need strategies for breaking free from unproductive thoughts and circles of people and habits that keep them from achieving goals. The Journey Workshop© provides real-world applications that redirects the 'I can't' and 'I don't know how,' mindsets to to embrace an inspired and empowered attitude, resulting in  breakthrough performance. 


About The Journey Workshop

The Journey Workshop© is a powerful non-traditional interactive empowerment tool that exposes the root causes associated with failure cycles and self-defeating attitudes that hinder personal and academic progress. The Journey Workshop© helps to build pathways that strengthen critical thinking skills so students can leverage their significance instead of empowering their disadvantages. The Journey Workshop exposes underprepared and first-time-in-college students to active learning strategies that prepare them for succeeding in the college environment.  The Journey Workshop helps students set realistic goals,  increase academic effectiveness, and their overall productivity.

The Journey Workshop© Video

Be a catalyst for change in someone's life.
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About the Creator & Facilitator

For almost 15 years, Steven LeMons has been on the front lines of helping students, academic, and business professionals elevate their potential and reach their goals by equipping them with real-world tools assuring success in their chosen fields. As a nationally recognized speaker and workshop facilitator, he is among the most engaging speakers on campuses and at corporate events  today. Having held national training manager, regional facilitator, and director of corporate development roles, he continues facilitating workshops and keynotes throughout the United States and Canada. Steven’s dynamic content and uncompromising style, from boardrooms to college campuses, create a moving experience.

For years, The Journey Workshop, Steven's powerful interactive empowerment tool for students, exposes many of the root causes perpetuating failure cycles and self-defeating attitudes that hinder students forward progression. As a television host, creative consultant, voice-over talent and segment producer, Steven has  earned over 20 years of television experience presenting   specialized instructional, corporate training, and inspirational video segments to thousands of sales representatives, corporate executives and leadership professionals. Steven's book, “The Incredible Journey of a Life,” is an autobiographical account of the power of forgiveness, courage, and perseverance in the face of adversity.


Steven also has an ongoing list of recurring and new clientele.


Here are a few organizations Steven has also worked with: 

Fort Worth ISD, North Texas Community College Consortium, Maritz Performance Improvement Company, Cadillac Motor Division, Ford Motor Company & Ford Motor Credit, Lion’s Gate Marketing, International Service Leadership, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, the New Jersey Organization of Nursing Executives, Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education, and many others. 


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